The 24th international offshore lifting and crane conference 2019

The 24th international offshore lifting and crane conference 2019

The Norwegian Society of Lifting Technology (NSLT) together with the Offshore Mechanical Handling Equipment Committee (OMHEC) are very excited to announce the next International Offshore Cranes & Lifting Conference, taking place in Stavanger April 2019.

The conference alternates in being arranged in the “oil capitals” of Norway and Scotland every other year - Stavanger and Aberdeen. These are the most important places of business for the North Sea oil and gas industry and home for regulators, the major duty holders, oil and gas contractors, service companies etc. During the conference, the participants have a great chance to meet, discuss and share their experiences with North Sea offshore petroleum regulators, experts and industry leaders from the offshore crane and lifting operations community.

The conference has the goal to cover a wide range of new topics in offshore cranes and lifting technology, subsea and heavy lifting, crane standardisation and regulatory and industry safety initiatives. Participants will have ample opportunity to enter into discussions with the speakers, and spend time interacting with companies demonstrating their goods and services in the Crane Expo area.

Please note that the program may be subject to changes.

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