– a yearly conference and meeting place for marine technology industry

The aim of the conference is to improve the understanding of operational issues and to connect design specialists, people responsible for selection of concepts and the installation contractors.

“As a first time attendee, I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and the mixture of topics covered.
It was also very good to speak with colleagues from other companies as well as from various suppliers.”

Knowledge ensures a good economy!

The Norwegian Society of Lifting Technology (NSLT) is often informed that subsea lifting operations have exceeded the cost budget by several million NOKs due to lack of knowledge within relevant disciplines. Often the costs are exceeded because the operation duration is longer than planned. The conference will therefore focus on the various phases of a subsea installation operation and will be to present and exchange knowledge about criticals topics of marine operations involving subsea lifts.


  • Åsgard Subsea Compression – Special Handling System – Subsea lift in storm
  • Complex Lifting Operations: Rigid Spool Bundles Installation for Johan Castberg Project
  • Ormen Lange compression – subsea marine operations
  • Bacalhau – subsea marine operations
  • Berling field development – plan subsea marine operations
  • Balder X – subsea marine operations
  • Rosebank field development – plan subsea marine operations

We are proud to announce that we have speakers and presentations from the following companies:

  • DeepOcean
  • Petroleumstilsynet
  • Fearnleys
  • SINTEF Ocean
  • OSC AS
  • DNV
  • Entail
  • Huismann Norge AS
  • Motus AS
  • Avient
  • Braaten.technology
  • Barge Master
  • Equinor
  • OceanInstaller
  • Subsea 7
  • OMV
  • Technip FMC


We will arrange space for a exhibition in direct connection to the conference. Here, companies that serve actors in the subsea and marine area will be allowed to display their products and services.
The fee for one exhibition booth (5 sq. m.) is NOK 7.500,- (excl. VAT). You must be registered as a participant at the conference to be an exhibitor. The mini exhibition will be in the area outside the conference room, with a limitation of totally 10 exhibitors.

If you have any questions or want to book your space, contact:

Stene Kristiansen
Conference Manager
Tel: +47 92292883

subsea-and-marine-operations-exhibition  Subsea-and-marine-lifting-operations-conference

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